Mastiff General Information

The mastiffs are a kind of very large dog that are often used as security dogs used to guard things and places. They are ideal guard dogs because they seldom bark or make noise, but they can be fierce and aggressive. However, mastiffs also make great family dogs. They are gentle, affectionate, and very large.

Their size speaks more about their structure more than anything does. They have a very strong build, and you will appreciate how they will always lazily greet you with their big bodies every time you come home. Today, the mastiffs are categorized in the working dogs class. This means that the breed was raised by humans to meet particular jobs like guarding, guiding, and herding.

Since the mastiffs are very large dogs, they are generally okay to be quartered with humans in apartments and condos, but they will need to be walked regularly, at least 3 times a week. Their appearance gives them a lazy look, and to be honest, that can be true. All the more reason to encourage the mastiffs to get up and walk.

Mastiffs are very gentle dogs, and they are ideal fixtures at home because of their warm and somewhat lazy temperament, which is sometimes amusing for some people. Their slobbery nature may seem like a negative trait, but that is actually one of the main reasons people buy this dog (apart from its amazing size). Its trademark is being an amiable giant.

You will find the mastiff to be a gentle giant that is ideal for your home. Many children will find them adorable, and the mastiffs generally do not care when the kids play with ears or try to ride them. They are very strong and stable dogs that are very loyal with a very stable personality. Mastiffs are renowned for their calm, playful, and gentle disposition. The only low point of the mastiffs is their low energy and slow movement. Overall, they are very friendly and affectionate to people and even to other animals.


Shoulder height up to 32-36 inches, weight 160-200 lbs

Coat Care

Smooth and short hair is easy to groom. Brush with bristle comb every other day.

Family Life

The trademarks of the mastiffs are loving, lazy, and affectionate. They are great with children and other animals, especially when they are introduced to them as a pup. They are also ideal guard dogs.


Mastiffs are generally slow and big, and they have a tendency to be lazy and obese. You have to encourage them to be more active. take them for walks.


Life Expectancy is around 11 years. Mastiffs are susceptible to all sorts of dysplasia. They also get eye problems as they grow older. Elbow, eye, hip, and cardiac tests recommended.


Mastiffs are prone to obesity, which is why you need to walk them regularly. They do not like to run, but a long walk will do.


Mastiffs are easy to train, considering that they are a class of working dogs. They can obey basic commands like heal, especially sitting and staying.