One of the cutest breeds of dogs as puppies would be Mastiffs, and one should go about with proper Mastiff puppy training to ensure that these little mutts will grow up well-disciplined and highly obedient. While at first these puppies will be quite an adorable sight to look at, they can grow really fast and will prove to be harder to train once they have grown accustomed to their usual habits.

Mastiff Puppy Training

Mastiffs are known to be a breed of big and hulking dogs, and you will find that they can grow terribly fast even if you are keeping them on a strict diet. When you start on training your Mastiff puppy, make sure to get him properly exercised. This will coincide with house training. Mastiffs like the outdoors as they do the indoors, but more so because they have bigger ground to play. They relieve themselves every 45 minutes, and will also do so after meals and when it is excited.

Mastiff puppy training can be effective especially when the dog has already associated the outdoors as a place to do its relieving business. The outdoors will also be a great place for the dog to associate with other people. While a Mastiff is generally playful with its owners, they can tend to grow up socially awkward and shy. Make sure you leash train your Mastiff so as to not see it as a threat, and to allow you to walk your puppy out to meet different people and other pets.

When you have developed socializing in your puppy, you will find that they will be able to overcome the usual temperament of a Mastiff that is shy and suspicious of strangers. Unfamiliarity with people or objects can cause agitation in a Mastiff, and when they are adults, they can end up attacking strangers when startled. They are big though, but the most they will do is pin down people until someone they trust is around to handle the situation.

You will also find that Mastiff puppy training would have you employing strictness to stop their nipping or biting people. A firm and empathic command of should always be enforced, as they will not take you seriously if you are not consistent with such. Do not put in any negative reinforcement when it comes to their obedience training, as Mastiffs will not respond well to such.

Chewing and being playful with a great number of objects can work to be a problem as well, but it is nothing that you cannot eliminate with a little firmness as well as provisions of alternative things for them to chew on. Do not forget though to proceed with rewarding your Mastiff puppy when it does good things, as this will certainly bring to mind that rewards are associated with good acts. Proceed well with Mastiff puppy training, and you will find that you will have a well-behaved, as well as a great and loving dog when it turns into an adult.