Training your Mastiff is an enjoyable and challenging experience. These massive dogs are born as leaders. They are protective, loyal, alert, and witty. Even though they make a great guard dog, the Mastiff can be good with children. Because of their size and nature, you must now how to train them properly. If you want to train your dog, give it the right Mastiff dog training.

  • Draw the line and make sure that you are the boss. A Mastiff is a natural leader and so they tend to demand a lot from you. Lay a firm hand and make your Mastiff acknowledge your control. Even if you have to be strict in your commands, remember that a Mastiff is also obedient. You only need to control them in a careful and calm manner. Yelling at your dog will not do you any good. Your Mastiff will simply get scared and not follow you at all.
  • Teach your Mastiff the necessary commands. In Mastiff dog training, you need to teach your pet the basic commands and other things as well. This includes potty training and teaching them not to always nip or bite.
  • Give your Mastiff obedience training. Aside from normal commands, practice taking out your pet on a leash. This will help to further establish your control. After leading your Mastiff, you should praise it well for following you.
  • Give your dog treats. Use the dog treats as a reward for your Mastiff in training it to follow your commands. For example, in teaching your pet to sit, give a treat every time your Mastiff does so. Another tip is to show your pet the treat first and then keep it in your pocket or hand before giving out the command. In this case, the treat can serve as a motivation for your pet that if he or she follows, he or she will be rewarded.
  • An important part in your Mastiff dog training is socialization. You should expose your pet to more people and other dogs in order to tone down its aggressiveness. Letting your Mastiff be pet by others may also be a good idea as long as your dog responds well. This will also help your pet distinguish people who are okay and those who might be harmful. In going out with your pet, make sure that you are still in command but also make your Mastiff feel that you are with him or her.

Aside from these tips, you can also enter your pet to a training program. Giving your pet the proper Mastiff dog training will benefit both of you and will allow your dog to reach its potential as a household friend.